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ROS 2 packages using ML

Edge AI WG is putting together a list of packages that use ML. (fyi draft list of ros2 standard libraries). please add ros2 packages that use ML or HW acceleration.

We want to build / improve ML capabilities in ROS. Impression is there is not yet much ML in mainstream ROS. Seems there are many prototypes and demos, not much that is core.


Are you asking people to contribute to a list on discourse or in the standard library REP? If it is for the REP I would assume you are looking for tools/libraries that are generically useful rather than application specific tools (e.g. license plate readers). Is this assumption correct?


for now just making an informal list on discourse. @smac had suggested discourse might be more accessible for early discussion, happy to move to GitHub list as things progress. I assume tools/libraries that re generically useful, though even application specific tools (e.g. license plate readers) are interesting.

I agree that’s unclear. There’s definitely no ML in that list.

Here are some ROS 2 packages I know about ML.

Hope this can help.


More ROS2 packages about ML:
• Intel AI framework and model optimizer (Open Source Version): Intel OpenVINO, which is not ROS2 package, but the fundamental framework for ROS2 OpenVINO Toolkit.
• ROS2 wrapper and deep learning pipeline management tool: ROS2 OpenVINO Toolkit
ROS2 module for real time object tracking and 3D localization
ROS2 Grasp Library

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Some ROS2 packages for REL I checkout some time ago:

  • ros2learn
  • gym_gazebo

They were developed by Acutronic Robotics. But as you might know, they closed down last year.
So they do not have a maintainer currently.

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Thank you for the interest in my package ros2-tensorflow.

I wanted to let you know that I updated the package, such that it works with:

  • ubuntu 18.04
  • ros2 eloquent
  • tensorflow 2.0

The dockerfile has been updated as well, so you can use it to get a system with all the dependencies.

Unfortunately, there are some bugs in ros2 eloquent related to displaying images: images from the cam2image node will not be rendered in rviz (fix here maybe? and in rviz if you try to resize the image display, rviz will crash (fix here

If you are interested in my package and you have issues while using it, don’t hesitate to open a ticket on github

3 Likes is only a ROS 1 package, but it brings complex support for various types of installations of Tensorflow and enables using its C++ API with ROS. I think porting it for ROS 2 users, and to support Tensorflow 2, could also help.

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