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Dear ROS Developers,

In 2019, we published a “Top 10 ROS-Based Robotics Companies” article, which attracted a lot of attention. It surprised us that many companies sent us emails asking why they weren’t on the list.

We realized that there are many excellent ROS-based companies in the field with low visibility. And the same applies to ROS Developers and ROS Packages.

The situation inspired us to launch the ROS Awards, that is, a public and transparent voting campaign to select a number of outstanding ROS developers, ROS products, ROS robots, and ROS software. The goal is to express recognition for their contributions and to help them gain visibility.

== Description of voting method ==

Anybody can vote. You must vote on 4 categories:

  • The Best ROS Software
  • The Best ROS Robot
  • The Best ROS Developer
  • The Best End-User Robotics Product Based on ROS

Vote here:

The vote will run from May 6, 2020 to June 16, 2020.

Winners will be announced at the ROS Developers Day on June 27 and we will send them a recognition plaque award. On June 29, we will release all voting data in a public article to provide awareness of all the companies, products, and developers that were voted on.

We hope you can cast a vote for good contributions.

Stay Safe & Keep pushing your ROS development!
The Construct Team


Outch. This is a pretty tough vote. I wanted to participate. I don’t know what to fill in… And I’m not a ROS beginner… Could you mabye make the vote two-phase, so that in the first phase people could suggest the “options” and the second phase would be only about giving votes for the already collected “options”? Also, the opportunity to fill in only a part of the form would help greatly, because I can imagine that otherwise the best in each category would be “don’t know”.


That is actually a very good idea! Unfortunately we cannot go on that direction right now, but we definitely take that idea for next year.

Can I suggest you that, in order to vote, just consider what you know. Just vote sincerely on the systems and people that you know and that will be fair enough. What I learned these years is that there is nobody who knows all the details, so everyone is going to vote from his limited view.

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