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ROS Crystal Clemmys t-shirts available until Dec 31st



ROS Crystal Clemmys t-shirts available until Dec 31st

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a mascot and making t-shirts. ROS Crystal Clemmys is coming out soon! To let you show your excitement for ROS and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring Campaign which should cover both the US and EU, and can ship worldwide.

ROS Crystal Clemmys campaign on Teespring

The campaign will run through 31 December 2018 be sure to order yours before you ring in the New Year!
Rush shipping does not appear to be available for all different shirts which means you may not be able to get yours before the Christmas holiday, even with rush shipping.

Since this is the first public announcement, here’s the full graphic for Crystal Clemmys.

Thanks to everyone who is working hard to get Crystal release-ready. You can help us out! Check out the call for testing here: ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys call for testing and package releases

ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys Released!
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It seems like the EU-Campaign (or just Germany) only gives access to the “Kids Premium Tee” version. I hope this is an easy fix


but my kids do need those t-shirts :wink:


Sorry about that, there’s supposed to be mens’s and women’s sizes available too. I can confirm that the default URL for EU production doesn’t seem to show the other sizes. I’ve contacted Teespring support to find out why they’re not available.

In the mean time, in the bottom right of the order page there’s a drop down selector you can use to pick a different production facility or currency.


Here’s the link for worldwide

It looks like it’s about 0.50 Euro more for shipping but the shirt is actually cheaper in the World production center so it nets out.

For completeness there’s also direct links here if you want to explore other production centers if you live nearer one of them.



Is there any progress regarding the shirts in Europe?


I am also interested in Europe’s campaign! One more thing: It’s winter, and we don’t have an option for a hoodie??!!


Totally agree … as it seems there is unfortunately a bit of a lack of providing these nice and neatly things in the teespring campaign of this ros release.

Is there any new update information about the EU-Campaign?
Maybe some extra goods such as a hoodie would not be possible to add to the campaign?


I’m happy to say that after some iterations with Teespring support we’ve been able to add a Classic Tee option which is available in a similar purple as well as a Hoodie option for the EU. Both of which are available from all production centers.


Thank you @tfoote for putting in the time with Teespring to add these items.


Thanks @tfoote for arranging all of this


As a quick reminder you have just over 5 days left to order your Crystal Tshirts or Hoodies.

Order here before the end of the year.


One last reminder that there’s just a few hours let to order your Crystal tshirts and hoodies!

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