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ROS-I Developers' Meeting

I realize we are still getting folks added, but also in the spirit of giving the people what they want, I also would like to get some feedback on what should be included. Typical agenda goes as such:

  1. Some regular contributors will give updates on current in flight development, non formal presentation
  2. Q&A Period
  3. Feedback on what should be focus for improvement areas

The question to those expressing interest in participation would be:

  1. What is of most value to you?

    • Presenations on what others are doing?
    • Chance to pose questions to other developers?
    • Understanding of prominent issues and/or Industrial needs?
    • Resources available to developers?
    • Other?
  2. What time is most acceptable? We are looking at 10AM CST USA time as a compromise, but this makes it difficult for our friends in Asia. We are also considering creating two meetings, one hosted by ROS-I AP, and one by ROS-I Americas, assuming we get enough participation.

Thanks for expressing interest here in the developers’ meeting, and though this one has passed, keep an eye out for the updated invitation for the next one around the 2nd week of July!


Matt R.

Hi Matt,

Per your email, here is the Email adress:

Collen Gura
Green Valley Estates
Head Office:
13 Downie Avenue,
P.O. Box 3589, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-2925630/1
Cell: +263 772 148 640, +263 731 148 640,

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Hi, I would like to be added

What is of most value to you?

  1. Presenations on what others are doing
  2. Understanding of prominent issues and Industrial needs
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@Levi-Armstrong - have you gotten some of the feedback on this thread? Also, have you had a chance to add members to the invitation? Just checking as it looks like we have a Developers’ Meeting coming up July 10!

Hi Mat,

can you please add me. Email:

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Hello Matt, please add me.
My email id:

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Hello Everyone,

You should receive a meeting request today. If you do not receive one please notify me and I will make sure you get added. Also in our last developer meeting we decided to change the meeting time back to 9am (CDT). I look forward to having everyone in our next developer meeting on August 14.


Levi Armstrong

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Hi Matt & Levi,

I am interested as well. Please add me:

What is of most value to you?

  • Better understand the overall ROS-I activities, goals, working groups…
  • Presenations on what others are doing
  • Understanding of prominent issues and industrial needs?

What time is most acceptable?

10AM CST would be fine with me.

Next ROS-I Developers’ Meeting is this Tuesday August 14th 10AM EST! We hope this time manages a balance across a good share of time zones. I believe if you have replied below you should be getting a discrete invite. I hope to publicize an agenda in more detail either ahead of this meeting, but for certain ahead of future ones.

Thanks for your continued interest in open-source industrial automation!

Matt R.

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I’m also interested.


FYI… formulating the agenda for Tuesday Sept 11. Seeking presenters. If you have something you would like to speak to at the Developers’ Meeting, let us know!

As some may be aware the developers’ meeting was moved to Sept 18 at 9 am US Central time. We will have a guest presenter, Dr. Chris Lewis talking about his recent work around Industrial Calibration. See you soon!

Can you please add me to the list:

Developers meeting is starting now.

Join the call if you’ve been invited.

I wanted to send a note to communicate a change in plans relative to the Developers’ Meeting.

For the Tuesday Meeting on the Nov 13th, I am going to say this meeting is cancelled for the time being.

Our next meeting is December 11, and I would like to offer some topics:

  1. Ethernet/IP Interface
  2. Migration of ROS-I to Melodic
  3. Thoughts on ROS2 and ROS-Industrial

Please feel free to reply to this thread and if anyone is developing or working on something they would like to share and/or discuss, please post up!

Thanks and sorry for the late notice on the November meeting.

Matt Robinson
ROS-I Consortium Americas

For tomorrow’s meeting:

Levi Armstrong will discuss the recent Qt Creator ROS Release

Update on the Melodic Transition

ROS2 and ROS-I

Open Discussion

Preview of the January Topics and guest speaker

Thanks and see you there!


John Wason of Wason Technologies will be sharing some of his recent developments relevant to ROS-Industrial.

Jan 8 - 10AM EST, 7AM Pacific, post up here if you do not currently have the developers’ meeting invite!

Hi Matt! I would love to join the next developer’s meeting! please invite me :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

Joseph Schornak will be sharing an update on recent developments and planned improvements for the Yak repository. Yak is a library and ROS wrapper for Truncated Signed Distance Fields (TSDFs).

Please joint us February 12 at 9am CST, post here if you do not currently have the developers’ meeting invite!

Some of you have written me via PM about invites to the Developers’ Meeting. Soon we will be rolling out a new collaboration/screen share platform where we can post the meeting room and you should just be able to join. This will enable much more flexible participation. Thanks to all those that have inquired, and those that have to this point participated. Hopefully we can keep working out the kinks and get to a point where this is a community wide source of value!

Matt R.