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ROS M Turtle Naming Brainstorming

Misty Morenia

+1 for Mecha Morenia also though

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Sorry, can’t resist making these references.


How about Model Morenia?

Magnificent Minotaur

Since DDS emerges from the legacy labyrinths of QoS assured distributed systems to save ROS! Althought when we reach T we will need to find an excuse for Theseus to kill the Minotaur :expressionless:

There do seem to be more geeky references than usual for M. Is there something about this letter?

Maniac Mockturtle :slight_smile:

+1 for Mecha Morenia
+1 for Mystic Mata mata

+1 for Mighty Morenia
+1 for Mystic Morenia
+1 for Mecha Morenia

I literally lol’ed.

+1 for Mystic Morenia

Mighty Mata! To be more powerful!

“Migthy Mikey(Michelangelo)”

+1 for Magnetic Mydas

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. The discussion has been open for about two weeks; we’ll leave it open for another two weeks, and then we’ll make a decision. So make sure to get your suggestions in!

– Your friendly ROS naming committee

+1 for Magnetic Mydas

What is the procedure going to be? Summarize all the suggestions in a poll and vote?

My vote is with Mecha! It sounds like Mecha-Godzilla!

Final decision lies with the ROS Boss for M-Turtle which is @clalancette. Everything else is just suggestions. It is this way because the ROS Boss has to consider, not only what’s most popular, but also what is searchable, easy to type, and doesn’t potentially violate any copyright issues despite how awesome they might be (looking at you mutant michelangelo :stuck_out_tongue:).

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Midori-Game is a Japanese alias of Pond slider. Perfectly sized for the robots in “IoT” era img.

+1 Mutant Michelangelo

+1 for anything with Morla… great name for an LTS

to add some alternative adjectives:
ROS Modern
ROS Mellow
ROS 'Mazing

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Anything with the word “mecha” in it works for me.