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ROS Noetic and Foxy Tshirts Available!

Vest isn’t really in my style, but if that’s what the critical mass of people want, I don’t have an issue arranging it. I’ll just buy a jacket separately and throw it in the box for the embroiderer.

Feel free to pitch this at OR and see if anyone’s a taker. There’s also an Eddie Bauer analog to the Patagonia jacket that’s much cheaper that could be considered. We’d need about 10 of whatever to make it happen. If we can hit like ~8, I can post on Disourse with an order form to round it off / get any others interested. 50 is where we hit real discount quantities. Though less of an issue if we used a cheaper garment.

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count me in for a jacket/vest!

Personally, I like Patagonia (and wouldn’t mind getting a ROS-embroidered Silicon Valley VC vest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but anything with good enough quality works too!

Quality is key. I don’t need any more cheapo swag I won’t use. I won’t propose anything that I wouldn’t wear.

  • Vest
  • Jacket
  • Remove before flight tags

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Here’s a non-binding poll for general interest, you can select one or all of the options that you may be interested in (in addition to the ROS distro shirts above).

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“Remove before flight” tags best option ever! I don’t even want to count the number of robots lost due to folks not putting the safety pin back in. :frowning:

I mostly threw that in because in another life I was a NASA engineer and collected them at tours / conferences / etc. I made some for a club in college so I can dig out the contact info for another branded order.

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A few updates:

We now have posters and canvas artwork prints available on Zazzle:

I’ve cleaned up the naming for better browsing in the storefront view.

And there’s now a Premium cotton T-Shirt variation which has a larger range of sizes available than the Triblend T-Shirts.

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For those of us who always have trouble picking the right size / type of t-shirt: how do these compare to the ones available for older ROS releases?

The type of shirt and the supplier are the same so I would expect the fit to be very similar to previous release’s.

The Noetic ones are already out in 3xl… I thought Teespring was print on demand…? Is there any way to make more sizes available, also for the Hoodies?

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You should have been at the ROS-Industrial Conference 2019… free polo shirt in navy blue with a beautiful print on the back and ROS-I stiching on the cheast

I miss a ROS headband / bandeau (Ninja Turtles style) :slight_smile: or face mask :wink:


They are print on demand. When they are “out of stock” it means that they don’t have the base material to print on. And in my experience the tshirt manufacturers do bulk runs of different sizes at different intervals based on demand. And the printing houses like keep small quantities on hand but in general actually order from the manufacturers inventory when you order a print from them. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can do much about.

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I don’t remember if both kids and toddler sizes are offered. Nice! #parentsfriendly

(I still want V-neck to be back. Good for girls (and myself) ROS Lunar Loggerhead Tshirt's Available!)

Any mountain or road cyclists in the group?

If enough interest, I can go see about pricing for some ROS bike jerseys.

I always need more (road) cycling jerseys!

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+1 road cycling jerseys

+1 for road cycling jersey!

Yes, I need something fancy to be run over in!

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+1 cycling jersey yeah!

Will it be available in India?

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