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ROS orphaned package maintainer info. REP 152 for review

Based on discussion at Releasing repositories form "other" people, and also Perception SiG Maintainers Still Maintaining? shows we have seen a lot of unmaintained (but important) packages, and I believe we need some mechanism to save these situation.

The idea behind this proposed REP is to have a team of volunteers who can do ONLY the release job, to enable the community to continue using the same set of previous ROS distros with a minimum set of community efforts.
To this end, we followed Debian QA Group System and Debian Developer’s Reference ( Dealing with inactive and/or unreachable maintainers ), which is considered non-normative, but best practice.

If you have any comments please comment on the pull request. If you like what you see and don’t have any comment please use the review mechanism and approve the PR. (Click on Files changed then Review Changes drop down -> Approve.)

Please also check