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ROS Perú is possible ROS Team Support me?

Hi, nice to meet you! I am writing from Perú and
I would like to boost knowledge in ROS, creating a series of courses in Perú about ROS, so We can create a ROS team in Peru to improve the level of robotics to here, so I would like to know if ROS team can support me, I would like this initiative to be supported by an international ROS representative.
I will waiting your comments and some ideas, especially from the administrators.



Hey Nicolas, welcome.

Can you be more specific on “I would like to know if ROS team can support
me” ? What kind of support are you talking about?

ROS has a very open and supportive community, it is open source and has
lots of resources both in the wiki and on I believe you
can readily find more than enough resources to start your initiative, and
can always count on the community to assist you.


so can I use the ROS logo in my course without problem?



I believe you can. There is a press kit on our website (