ROS Rust WG Communications, Calendar

Can we add add the ROS Rust WG meetings to the ROS Events calendar?

I am eager to collaborate, but am not sure where our communication channels are, and the WG Meeting posts on discourse have been difficult to catch. I tried to get into the matrix chat linked in the original proposal for a working group, but it wasn’t working for me. Is it still active?

Yes we can! Can you e-mail Tully and I the necessary information?

I think he’s asking so he can find out. I don’t think there’s a regular schedule for the meetings yet but @jhdcs, @esteve, @gbiggs, or @ruffsl would know the most.

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@Katherine_Scott neither @jhdcs or I have access to adding the Rust WG meetings to the ROS events calendar, should we email you when scheduling a new meeting or is there a way we can add the meetings ourselves? Thanks.

That’s odd… Is there an error message that pops up?

The provided link is to the matrix community, which are being deprecated in Element. When I try to open the room, I cannot: either from desktop or from web. So if I could get the absolute room link, or if the community could be converted into a space, that might help. rust-wg-matrix-chat

I did not know those were being deprecated… Though I will admit to not being the most savvy with Matrix/Element setup!

In any case, hopefully this room link works for you?

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Yep, that works. Thanks!

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