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Ros Tutorials Needs Logical Order

The ROS Tutorials listed in alphabetic order is very pretty and makes it easy for the authors to find their page for editing, but it really sux for new ROS developers trying to do the lessons in a LOGICAL order. A couple of times I started a tutorial and came to place where it said “built on previous tutorial” , and there was not a link to a previous tutorial in the tutorial being read, and the PREVIOUS tutorial had nothing to do with the tutorial I was currently on. If a database is feeding and sorting the content by title, then the titles should contain a two digit number like
Tutorial 01 Starting A Project,
Tutorial 02 Creating Your First Package, etc.

Which tutorials?

The ROS 1 tutorials are listed topologically:

And the ROS 2 tutorials are likewise ordered:



what can be very confusing for many people (including myself the first time I looked at the wiki) is the left side “Index” column having items in alphabetical order.


seconding this. Could the index column somehow automatically match the ordering in the main tutorials page, possibly also using the beginner/intermediate/advanced tags?

Also, the “warning” at the top of the main tutorials page does recommend going through in order, but perhaps using a numbered list instead of bullet points would make the ordering more obvious?

Ros 2 Tutorials are in alphabetic order.

Using whole word “Tutorial” may be a little long and sound redundant, so maybe
T 01 Starting A Project,
T 02 Creating Your First Package, etc.

@kajack Can you please include a link to what you are talking about?

I did a quick duck duck go search and these are what came up as the first links.

ROS 2 Tutorials

ROS 1 Tutorials

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That page is 100% better than the Index list I have been using on the actual tutorials pages.

I originally started ROS in the Installation tutorials, and then found my first “create package” tutorial link by chance. I have been jumping up and down the alphabetic Index list in the tutorials ever since. Thanks for pointing to the Tutorial page.

Would one of the people who ran into the issue with the alphabetical tutorial list mind opening a new issue on Then we can track the problem there and look at solutions. Thank you!

I will do that and reference to this.

Woops, that is over my head, for a newby to this site. May be someone can do that document thing given this better explanation of the issue.

Issue 1) There is not a quick link for newbies to the Tutorial Page on the front page of You have to drill down through a couple links, before a Documentation link appears. From the Documentation page there is a link. Very tedious to find, even after you know it is in a document page. Following the links for the top page will actually lead you to Ros 1 Tutorials, but not Ros 2. Going through the Install Eloquent or Foxy tutorials will eventually get you to the Ros 2 Tutorials. So probably need both a Ros 1 Tutorial link and Ros 2 Tutorial in or near the index page.

Issue 2) The Tutorial page indexes are alphabetic, and not grouped by Beginner and Intermediate. The tutorials frequently refer to “Previous Tutorial” , but that is not a usable link, and the page Index does not tell you what is the LOGICAL previous page. I ran into this on the Custom Interface tutorial.