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Ros2_control Working Group meeting

Hello there,

The next ros2_control Working Group meeting will be 2020-03-25T18:00:00Z.

Anyone who wishes to attend, please review and add your points to the agenda:

You can join the meeting through google groups or directly on the meetup room (PENDING).

See you there,
Your friendly ros_control maintainer team

The Google groups link above isn’t working for me. How do I join the meeting?

“Share this calendar event” result:

Link to the hangouts call (not sure this will persist though)

and the link to the ROS2 Events calendar:

Sorry for the mess with this, I didn’t get to figure out on time how to add a room, not just a lousy hangouts meet to the event.

Link fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.


Have you considered moving the time of the meeting in order to allow people from Asian countries to attend and contribute to that package?

Revisiting the schedule is a recurring item on the agenda (first point, link above).
Please feel free to propose a time and we’ll see how we can make it fit for the next meeting.

An idea: 3PM KST seems a little painful but doable for most others too.

Also please note that you are fully encouraged to get in touch with us and contribute even without attending any meetings, these meetings serve as catch-ups for parties working on it and parties interested in listening in on progress. Decisions and designs are always made on PRs of ros-controls/ros2_control, ros-controls/ros2_controllers, and ros-controls/roadmap

3PM KST is 3AM BRT, which is not good for me.