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ROS2 Navigation: The Marathon 2 Talk by Francisco Martín Rico

Please join us for July’s Atlanta Monthly Robotics Meetup ONLINE featuring a presentation from Francisco Martín Rico!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
5:00 pm EDT to 7:00 pm EST

Francisco is a robotics expert, professor at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and a member of Intelligent Robotics Lab. He is a member of the Signal Theory, Communications, Telematic Systems and Computation Department, and of the Communications and Systems Group.

His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Robotics, Computer Vision, Behavior Architectures, Assistive Robotics, Robot Localization and Navigation and related technologies. He has developed applications for real robotic systems such as Aibo, Nao Humanoid, Kobuki (turtlebot 2), RB-1, Lego NXT, AR-Drone in C, C++, Java, Python, Ada…

He is an expert in ROS, using technologies such as OpenCV, Point Cloud Library (PCL), among others .He has teached in courses such as Operating Systems, Advanced Programming, Real Time Systems, Communications and Robotics. He supervises Final Grade Projects (TFG) in Mobile Robotics. He currently organizes the Official ROS Course at URJC.

The presentation will focus on the Marathon 2: Navigation System for ROS2. Please see the detail here:

Join for an exciting night of robotics chats, learning, and ONLINE networking!

What to Expect:
• Networking and introduction: 5:00 to 5:30 pm EST
• Speaker, presentation, and Q&A: 5:30 - 6:30 pm EST

Future events (when everything normalizes) will still be held at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, GA and other venues in the Atlanta area.

This is an ONLINE ONLY event and will be hosted through zoom, you will see the instructions once you RSVP.


Hi @SeeBQ

Thanks for inviting me to this informal talk for explaining how we carried out the experiments in the paper that @smac, @ruffsl, jgines, and I wrote. We will have time to explain how Nav2 works. Maybe @smac, as the author and main contributor of Nav2 would like to participate in the talk. Anyway, see you next 21st :slight_smile:

Thanks for promoting this event here!!


We are exited to have you, thank you for agreeing to share your knowledge.

Happy to promote here, but I must confess, I did no work to organize and must credit our amazing organizer who stepped up this year, Sebastian Arias. Credit where credit is due!


I’d be happy to appear and participate as needed.

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Couldn’t figure how to edit, but making sure the time is correct. Using the snippet this should show in your local timezone:


Are y’all planning to record the meetup / lecture? I would highly encourage you to do so. I would be more than happy to do some light editing and post the results to the official OR Vimeo page.


Are y’all planning to record the meetup / lecture?

Unsure, will find out and send if so! We have recorded many past meetups and posted on Greenzie’s Youtube channel.

Thanks for posting here! Yes, we will record it.


On Linux I’ve found that EasyScreenRecorder works well. You need to fiddle with the audio a bit to make sure it gets recorded so I suggest doing a dry run. We’re always happy to add event videos to the official open robotics vimeo account. Hopefully I’ll have a guide for this out soon.

@Katherine_Scott , the videos that would be available to be added to the OR vimeo channel are only English videos, right?

No, not in the slightest. We have videos from ROSCon JP. I would be happy to post any video in any language. However, I might need some help with titles and descriptions.

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@Katherine_Scott is there an opportunity to reconsider youtube? I feel like that would give far more exposure to the content and shows up in search results for related topics. They also have some automated language subtitling (though not amazing, a good start). Plus you could turn on ads and make a whopping $0.92 per video!

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I can consider it. We have Vimeo because the licensing model is better aligned with our values, and well, like everyone else, we hate advertisements. That said, I do think that unfortunately YouTube has a wider reach. From my end it really isn’t that much more work to upload to both.


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Here’s the link!