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ROSject: Share your project through a shareable link

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I absolutely respect your work and I think the TheConstruct-Sim / RDS is a great tool. Also I think that the ROS eco-system deserves more professionally developed solutions (which normally require a price-tag outside the tax-funded research system).

But I personally think it would be good for every provider of commercial products to clearly state that something is an advertisement/announcement for a commercial product or service…


Thanks a lot Andreas for your comment.

Let us clarify our post:

  • ROSjects are completely free. They are not commercial products. It is true that they run off-the-shelf in ROSDS, and ROSDS is a commercial product, but:
  1. you can run ROSjects on the free tier of ROSDS without a problem, in the same sense that you can clone/create/store git projects in Github for free. Paying for ROSDS is not necessary unless you want to have additional features like bigger CPUs or multiple gym computers for faster AI training.
  2. you can just download the full content of any ROSject and execute it on your local machine (you will have to have a proper ROS setup in your machine, though. Nothing special, we just wanted to safe you that step).

The reasons for providing as a ROSject instead of just a plain set of ROS packages is to ensure that all the people that get the ROSject will be 100% sure that it will work for everyone and under the same exact conditions. Additionally you can use a Windows computer to run ROSjects on ROSDS, because you do not need a local ROS installation…

In any case, we liked your suggestion, Andreas. From now on we are going to include a disclaimer in any advertisement/announcement for our commercial products at the beginning of the post.

At The Construct we are completely open to solve our mistakes. With the help of comments like this, we can achieve it! Thanks!

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We recently made two demonstrations using ROSject.
One is AutoRace and one is the Task Mission of the mobile manipulator.
We hope to use it freely.

Our team is grateful to The Construct Team for their hard work.

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thanks you guys for all the hard work! really appreciating it a lot! i was having some thoughts about my website and this thread really helped me. lots of thanks.

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Thank you Pyo for the trust our platform for your project. Is there going to be an online competition with the AutoRace?


Among the current configurations provided when creating new ROSjects, I see options for:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic + Gazebo 7
  • Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic + Gazebo 9

Do you think you could add support for:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 + ROS Melodic + Gazebo 9
  • Ubuntu 18.04 + ROS Bouncy

I’d like to share some SROS2 demos using ROSjects, and would want to start off with a 18.04 configuration.
I recognise I could just as easily use docker inside project with a different configuration, as you’ve already demonstrated on your youtube channel. Before falling back to docker, I just figured I’d ask (also, docker no longer seems to be preinstalled in current configurations, also project user are not a sudo users).

user:~$ docker -v
The program 'docker' is currently not installed. To run 'docker' please ask your administrator to install the package ''
user:~$ sudo apt install
[sudo] password for user:

Hi @ruffsl
what you propose is very interesting.

In order to follow your suggestion we are going to do the following:

  • Let us prepare a 18.04 + Melodic + G9 configuration.
  • We will also include back again docker and the container for ROS2 so you and other learners can use it.
  • We can talk in case you would need a system installation of ROS2 instead of using the docker. Please contact Ricardo Tellez in case that container is not enough for your projects (

Let us come back to you next week with those points done and see if that works for your SROS2 demos.

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Just to let you know that we just published a video showing how to launch a ROSject in your local machine. The video indicates how to download all the code of the ROSject to your local machine, how to compile and execute the ROS code and/or Gazebo simulation that it may contain, how to execute the code and/or simulation, and how to open the Jupyter notebooks that it may contain.

Of course, it requires to have a proper local ROS environment already working in your local machine!

The video shows that when you create a ROSject in the ROS Development Studio platform, your code on it will never be taken as a hostage of the platform.

Check the video here.

Just to let you know that today Wednesday the 12th September, we are going to deliver a live Webinar about how to create off-the-shelf reproducible robotics code based on ROS. During the webinar attendants will:

  • understand what ROSjects are and how they allow to reproduce robotics results with zero work
  • get ROSjects created by others
  • create your own ROSjects and share them with the world
  • learn how to get your ROSject synchronized with git repos
  • how to execute a ROSject in a local computer

It is a good chance to see live how it works and ask Ricardo your questions and doubts about sharing reproducible code.

You can attend to the webinar here:

Update on the available types of configurations for ROSjects, we have added the ROS Melodic + G9 as a configuration for the creation of ROS projects on the ROS Development Studio. In order to use that, you only need to select that configuration when creating your ROSject (see image attached).


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I would like to share with all the audience a ROSject containing the exam we did yesterday at University of LaSalle Barcelona about robot navigation based on ROS. This was a simple test about doing dead reckoning navigation using sensors to avoid obstacles and wheels to compute odometry. It contains:
1- A notebook with the text of the exam, describing what is required
2- The TB3 simulation
The ROSject is based on a previous ROSject created by Robotis for their TB3.

You can get the ROSject here.


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Looks pretty nice! Where’s that?

That is the robotics lab of University of LaSalle Barcelona. This is where I deliver the robot navigation course to the students and also do tests with robots (mainly Turtlebots 2).
Last week they brought one UR3 for some kind of challenge promoted by UR… still don’t know the details about that.

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