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Hey everyone,

Trying to make the best use of my jetlag I was playing around and made:


As the README says:

Just like rostopic echo /your_topic but with services.

Well, similarly.

You need to run it as root from a machine that is either doing the service calls or exposing the server. That’s because it internally uses scapy to sniff network packets.

It looks something like:

rosrun rosservice_echo /rosout/get_loggers

    name: ros
    level: info
    name: ros.roscpp
    level: info
    name: ros.roscpp.roscpp_internal
    level: info
    name: ros.roscpp.superdebug
    level: warn

Maybe someone else is interested. It may be a baby step in order to have rosservice bag tool someday. Or just a fun toy project to discover scapy.