Safety Critical WG 2022 Roadmap: Quality declaration improvements

As announced previously, the ROS 2 Safety Critical WG plans to work on two topics in 2022.

One of the topics we have identified for 2022 is the advancement and possibly extension of the quality declaration template for safety-critical development.

One could for example imagine to extend the current levels, add new levels or provide a specific version for safety-critical packages. We might also look at supporting tools e.g. OpenGADES for requirements management. Alongside the quality declaration work, it could be useful to try it out and implement the proposals for an example package. For Eclipse iceoryx a tailored version of the quality declaration was created. It goes beyond level 1 and could provide input for the WG.

We’ll be using the safety WG GitHub repository to develop and document the work.

Who would be interest to participte working on this topic?

Looking forward to your feedback!



This is a good 1st step in the safety plan for 2022.
I think mapping SIL, ASIL, PL levels in the document to each quality level would be good. It would give each developer the information on what is needed from a development standpoint in making safety critical code.
I don’t think we can map out each standard’s requirements but if we can cover 61508 and 26262 that would be sufficient.