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Testing working group

Is anyone interested in joining to…

  • improve the structure of the testing related ROS wiki pages
    • single point of entry
    • separation into test level specific pages (e.g. bottom-up: library unit testing, ROS node unit testing, ROS nodes integration testing, …, simulation based testing)
  • create testing examples similar to the ROS tutorials
  • improve the content of the testing related ROS wiki pages
    • hyper-linking testing examples for every test level
    • referencing relevant book chapters
    • how to use test level specific test frameworks (applying usual testing techniques)
    • how to integrate test specific test frameworks into the build
    • how to create/use test doubles (stub, mock, spy, fake dummy) in ROS
  • improving test related libraries
    • mock_objects (only capable of mocking: service server, message subscriber and actionlib server)

Does the topic “Testing” deserve an own category?

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Consider the ROSIN software quality Working Group instead:

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