The Construct for teaching bachelor and master students?

Hi everyone! I am considering using The Construct for the lab work component of two robotics courses on autonomous mobile robots: one for bachelor students and one for masters students.

I am interested to hear from anyone who has experience with using The Construct in a lab environent with 10 to 30 students. In particular, I would like to know what were the benefits but also what were the pain points and fustrations that you experienced.

100% recommended.

We ran a ~90ppl workshop for ros2_control at roscon this year and the experience was very good. Overall feedback from attendees was also positive.

We also made a presentation at rosdevday 2020 using a ROS2 distro and ROS Noetic too, the setup was a little funky but did not show on the other end.

@bmagyar I think your average attendee at ROSCon would be a bit more familiar with ROS etc than your average bachelor or master student, right?

the setup was a little funky but did not show on the other end

Could you elaborate a bit on this?

Hi @allsey87
I don’t want to interfere in your discussion here with the community. I understand how valuable is the opinion of third parties.
Just wanted to let you know that as the CEO of The Construct I’m available for a meeting and answer all your questions, if you need it.

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Thanks @ricardotellez! I may reach out in the near future! At the moment however, I am trying to get confirmation as to whether other lecturers have successfully used The Construct for running labs on autonomous mobile vehicles with 10-30 bachelor or masters students…

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