Updates from Robolaunch

Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to share a major update with you!:partying_face:

Recently, we have been working heavily on developing our next-generation cloud-first robot to demonstrate one of the cloud robotics use-cases on Robolaunch platform.

Our robot is powered by ROS2 from ground up. It has 4 HUB motors and drivers, NUC, 4G/5G. All the other sensors will be pluggable like LIDAR, stereo cams etc. according to the application. This robot is for performing outdoor missions security patrols, inspection and more. Although there is no limit on diversity of use cases that can be developed from idea to production on Robolaunch, this use case is just to give a inspiration to develop your own robotics applications.


You can manage all software development operations over the air, when connected to the cloud. We want to solve “Hardware in the Loop” tests and enable you to produce value-added use-cases in a shorter time then before. In this scope while mission critical operations will be performed directly on the physical robot, high-performance operations will be pushed to the cloud via GPU/FPGA acceleration.

In the upcoming days, we will share a video about this full journey on Robolaunch platform.

But before that, we are looking forward to hear your feedback.

:point_right:Our website
:point_right:Our presentation



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