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VINS Fusion on a 435i

Some time ago I went down a deep VIO rabbit hole which led me to try out a bunch of different available packages on different hardware. The combo that I found worked best for me was the Realsense d435i along with VINS fusion and I made a video that shows 3D mapping of my apartment complex using only that camera (the map data is integrated using Octomap)

Are there folks here that use VIO or VISLAM algorithms on their robot? What packages do you use and with what hardware?


Thank you for sharing!
We are adventuring into the same rabbit hole very soon :wink:

Great work. Can you describe the steps you followed to make this work.
I am struggling with the correct setup, having tried different sensors. Can you point me to the right direction or if possible repository (git page) to share your work.


Most of the hurdles were around getting a good calibration for the camera. Also vins fusion tends to be kind of unstable when using the IMU if your calibration is off (kind of ironic I think) so try running things in stereo only mode first and see if that works (there will be no notion of “up” but it should run quite well otherwise).

I’ll make a gist with my calibration and launch files later today.


Thanks for the reply and I really appreciate your kind help in sharing the files. One thing, doesn’t the d435i comes factory calibrated? Is it absolutely necessary to run the calibration prior to testing.



Any update on this.