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Voluenteer, Freelancer support for ongoing ROS based service robot project

Anyone interested in working in service robot project undergoing in the plateform of National innovation center can send their CV in What oppertunity you’ll get to learn: 1. Technologies related to autonomous driving systems like SLAM, Navigation, writing program with sensors like depth sensor, lidar, camera, imu, ultrasnoic sensors. 2. Experience latter of working in autonmous system technology under National innovation center as plateform. 3. Mentorship from professional peole. 4. 1 month provision period, after which salary and bonus will be provided depending on the contribution. 5. Experience in working with IOT technology, perception, motion control, sensor reading, speech synthesis etc.

I have to admit I’m a bit perplexed by this posting. You’re looking for the skillset of a ROS consultant, in a volunteer capacity. You might pay them at your discretion, after they’ve already worked for a month.

National Innovation Center is headquartered in Tribhuvan University, which has one of the largest student bodies in the world. If the goal is build someone’s skill level, surely there are many capable students there that would benefit from this? If you’re looking for a professional, surely they can be fully compensated for their time?