What is New Since MoveIt 2.6.0

MoveIt 2.6.0 was the latest release of MoveIt, the open-source robotics motion planning framework. Since then, there have been many changes made to the framework, including bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements.

CMake for the MoveIt core library has been cleaned up, with unnecessary variables and lists removed and ensuring that all headers get installed within the moveit_core directory.

Important changes to ROS messaging have also been made, with a sensor data QOS profile now used for sensor_msgs::Image and sensor_msgs::PointCloud.

A bug in the MoveIt servo controller has been fixed, with frames now checked to be known before getting their TF.

Features have also been implemented, such as emulated time in the action-based controller and a small optimization in constructGoalConstraints(). There is now a new version of TOTG computeTimeStamps() for a fixed number of waypoints.

Finally, developers using MoveIt headers can now take advantage of some modern C++ features. -Wold-style-cast, -Wunused-parameter, and -Wunused-function have been enabled to help developers find bugs in their code, while the use of this-> has been minimized for easier readability.

All of these changes have been made since the last release on November 10th. In conclusion, since MoveIt 2.6.0, there have been many improvements and bug fixes made to the MoveIt framework. Using a source build of the latest work allows developers to stay updated with the latest features and bug fixes, allowing them to make the most of MoveIt!