Who are current roscpp_core maintaners?

Hi, I’ve been checking some PRs to roscpp_core and it turned out that e.g. rostime package has Dirk Thomas written as maintainer in package.xml on noetic-devel branch, but Dirk told me he has nothing to do with this stack for a few years. And he doesn’t know who the current maintainers are.

So, does anybody know?

I hope we won’t need to dig the orphaned package process for core ROS 1 packages :slight_smile:


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After some discussions with @peci1 , we decided to give him write access to roscpp_core in order to do some maintenance work there. The basic idea is that any bug fixes can be reviewed and merged, and small features can also be approved and merged. However, large features shouldn’t be merged into ROS 1 anymore, to keep things as stable as possible.

Thanks to @peci1 for bringing this up, and for taking on some maintenance responsibilities.


As part of the maintenance work I tried to tackle the memory-eating bug on ARM64 and GCC 9.3 in serialization code. PR Fixed wrong serialization of messages on ARM with GCC 9.3 and -O3 optimizations by peci1 · Pull Request #136 · ros/roscpp_core · GitHub should fix this. I’m looking for someone who could verify (it works for me). Just please notice that Focal now has GCC 9.4 by default where I could not reproduce the issue. So the test would need to be done with GCC 9.3 installed explicitly.