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World ROS-I Day - July 11

The ROS-I global community is going to be putting together the first World ROS-I Day, in the spirit of World MoveIt! day, but focusing on the repositories relevant to ROS-Industrial. We have 3-4 sites already signed up to host, as well as participating in virtual collaboration rooms, with continued participation from Asia, handing off to the EU, then finally to the Americas.

We hope we can find some folks to jump in to do some clean up with us on the various repositories and packages, working on a predefined list of issues. Where hardware is needed for access we may seek particular collaboration partners, or have to table certain issues, though we are open to creative ideas.

We will keep info up to date here as we work out the details, but we look forward to hosting this inaugural event and learn what we can do when we coordinate our efforts!

Thanks in advance!

Matt R.
ROS-I Consortium Americas Program Manager


As a follow up to the above, ROS-I development leaders have started working up a list of repositories that will be the focus of the inaugural World ROS-Industrial Day on July 11th (WRID18). This will help with making for a manageable scope and allow for tracking of progress throughout the day.

The repositories that are being included for WRID18 at this time are:

On the ros-industrial organisation:

Regarding the universal_robot repository: this edition of World ROS-Industrial Day we will not be addressing anything related to drivers, pending engagement with Universal Robots. While we are aware of the fact that the current situation is far from ideal, the good news is that recent engagement with Universal Robots will enable improved driver performance in the future. As such, we will focus on the other packages in universal_robot, such as the robot support, kinematics, MoveIt and Gazebo packages. if there are members of the community that seek to improve current drivers and their performance, they are welcome to do so, but please contact the WRID18 organisers to discuss this.

Outside of ros-industrial, over in ros-industrial-consortium:

The maintainers of each of these repositories are in the process, and still in the process of being invited, to review issues within these repositories and label them as candidates for this event.

Candidate issues are labelled with wrid18, and later with a label to indicate the “level of effort” that would be needed to address the issue so participants can choose tasks to work on based on this.

Finally, all open tasks will be aggregated on a Github organisation-level project board which will be updated live during WRID18 to clearly show progress during the day.

Obviously, if there are other issues you feel are worth considering, or repositories to be included, feel free to add to this thread!

Thanks and looking forward to a great day on July 11th!

We also have event info over at:


Matt R.

ROS-I Americas


For those in the South Central Texas region, the Southwest Research Institute ROS-I Development team will be hosting an in-person World ROS-I Event from 8AM till 5PM at LiftOff located at 2014 S. Hackberry St, San Antonio, Texas 78210. Come and interact with local/regional developers, and work issues to improve the ROS-I repositories and continue to foster collaboration around industrial use-cases. We will have refreshments, lunch, and some souvenirs at the event.


Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager

Another update!

Issue board is coming together nicely!

Streaming and Chat Services for Global participating in support of World ROS-I Day will be at:

Streaming -

Live Chat Room (IRC):

Subject to change pending load testing.

Hi, I organise ros meetups in Delhi, India. I was hoping to hold a meetup for ROS-I day. I already have a venue and logistics handled. Please let me know how to proceed?

That is great to hear! Just jump in the virtual room and the IRC chat, you can also consult the GitHub issue board. Our friends in Singapore, that hub ROS-I AP, will be kicking things off. They should already be up and running, and moderating the chat over on IRC as well. @minlingc may be able to give more guidance to how they will be moderating the issue board during this time! Thanks for your interest and support of open-source robotics for industry!

We would like to both welcome and thank Open Robotics for agreeing to host those in the Mountain View area looking to contribute to World ROS-I Day in a “face to face” fashion. We have added their location over at, you can reply here, or tweet at Open Robotics for specifics as to when their doors are open! Thanks again @tfoote and the Open Robotics team for their continued support of ROS-I and open-source robotics for Industry!

@minlingc hi, could you please help with how will the issue board be managed? I have created an event. Also, I looked at some issues and shortlisted a few that I believe our community here can handle.

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Hi @Ridhwanluthra, please log into the IRC chat / stream tomorrow. From there, we can begin assigning tasks from the issue board to your attendees that they wish to address. Looking forwards to it!

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Thanks, @mrobinson, for the great initiative.

We had a blast in Stuttgart, killed some candies and hopefully some bugs as well:




Thanks to everyone who contributed to World ROS-I Day! We are doing a lot of “post-processing” to be able to present what went down. We look forward to working the PR’s and continuing to engage around the world!

Please feel free to reply to this thread with ideas to improve this event and how we can make it more accessible/efficient to get work done!

Thanks again!

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas

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Great pic! And great working with the IPA team of course! #goROS #gettnworkdone

Hey Sorry I wasn’t able to reply, I was on leave, but looks like you managed to join which was amazing!

Thanks for your good work!

Min Ling

Hi! I just have a question about the bar graphs found on the ROS-I day outcomes page. Are these statistics for July 13th and July 16th only? Or are they for a period of time? Is there any reason those dates were chosen? Thanks!

The intent was to make sure we caught the activity on the 11th, and then try to get a sense if the activity sustained, since issues were assigned and still in process, so we wanted a snapshot for sustained activity. At least that was the goal for that particular write up.

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