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YAK is now open over at

There is a blog post, but the Kinect Fusion TSDF inspired YAK for reconstruction that provides a means to create meshes for parts/surfaces that historically prove to be challenging for either specular or featureless surfaces, is now up over at ROS-I GitHub Organization for ROS2.

You can read up on YAK here:

Find it on github here:

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Is the 3d reconstruction performed in real-time? And if so what kind of hardware is required to achieve this? Cool results either way!

The reconstruction happens at the frame rate of the camera. The hardware required is largely driven by what the camera provides, both with regards to API, and what data it publishes. This video describes a bit more about TSDF and YAK.

Common cameras we have used are the Orbbec Astra, Intel RealSense, and the old Asus Xtion.