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ZeroMQ middleware -- is it still possible?

Once upon a time there was this study:

I would love to see (er, work on) a middleware option that used the ‘cereal’ serializer and ZeroMQ. Is this feasible to implement with the present middleware interface? I looked through the old design document on middleware, but it didn’t seem to explain the present interface. Have we any current docs for writing middleware?

I like the ‘cereal’ approach because it would negate the need for an intermediate message copy before serialization. I also like the capnproto project; however, it wasn’t obvious to me how that could be used without the extra copy before serialization.

This should still be possible. External developers have e.g. implemented the rmw interface using OPC UA. Sadly there is no additional documentation on how to write a custom rmw implementation. The “best” way is to read through the API docs of the interface as well as the existing implementations.