Autoware working group events management

In an effort to improve participation in the Autoware Foundation’s technical activities, we have recently revised the times for the working groups and how we advertise them.

Working group meeting times

The Autoware Foundation has members all around the globe, covering four major regions (East Asia, South Asia, Europe, America). This makes scheduling meetings difficult, and as we need to hold in-depth technical discussions and take decisions, holding the same meeting multiple times will restrict activity.

Taking this into account, we have moved to a regular time zone rotation through three different times so that we spread around the pain of nighttime meetings as evently as possible.

Event calendar

The working groups, and other AWF events, are all listed in a new Autoware Foundation events calendar.

You can subscribe to the above calendar in iCal format using most calendar tools.

Working group wiki pages

Each working group has a wiki page at the Autoware Foundation’s wiki. These wiki pages are used to describe the working group, list its current activities, link to pages of interest, list the minutes, etc.

Working group meeting invitation management

Following the model adopted by ROS for its working groups, I have created some Google Groups for the Autoware Foundation’s working groups.

These Google Groups do not allow posting topics or discussion. They are solely for people to receive calendar invites to working group meetings and other events related to working groups. I have updated each group’s wiki page with information on how participants can use these groups to receive invites.

Working group links

Autonomy Software WG

Autonomy Hardware WG

Maps and Routing WG