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Welcome to Autoware forum for project announcements, future development roadmaps, releases, and community discussion.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Next Generation ROS

This is a forum to talk about the next generation of ROS.


News and general discussion about ROS. Kind of like the “ros-users” of
If you have a question: Please ask on following our support guidelines. This is not the right place.

Packaging and Release Management

This category is a place for maintainers to communicate about ongoing release issues.

Local User Groups

This is a category to contain subcategories for local user groups. By using these forums the local user groups can provide locally relevant content while still being sharable with the community.

Computer Vision / Perception

Discussion on object recognition, visual sensors, and other computer vision and perception concepts in ROS.


Welcome to MoveIt!'s new home for project announcements, future roadmaps, releases, and high level questions. This category is not for MoveIt! users questions or applications to specific robots. For user questions, please post on ROS Answers and tag with ‘moveit’ - all off topic questions will be deleted from this Discourse category.


The location for discussion for ROS-Industrial (ROS-I) related topics. ROS-I, an open-source project, that brings ROS to manufacturing automation and robotics. The ROS-I repository includes interfaces for common industrial hardware (manipulators, grippers, etc) and networks. Software libraries for 2D/3D sensor calibration, path planning, applications (Scan-N-Plan), developer tools (Qt Creator ROS Plugin), and training curriculum that is specific to the needs of manufacturers. ROS-I is supported by an international Consortium of industry and research members.

ROS Projects

ROS Projects - a place for the community to discuss any projects they are (or would like to be) working on, from the smallest of tweaks to the largest of ventures. Somewhere we can come together to get help and feedback; give advice and opinions; publicize and discover; contribute to and learn from the various ROS-related projects that we are all working on.


Please use this category to post job openings of interest to ROS users.


The goal of the ROS Layer for OpenEmbedded Linux is to create a layer to cross-compile ROS and set up a Linux & ROS infrastructure for various embedded systems. In the end, setting up a ROS infrastructure for an embedded system should be as easy as currently for a Ubuntu system.


Our group has been operating continuously since the end of 2011. We mainly focus on defining common interfaces and best practices, so various classes of drivers work consistently with other ROS components. Please join us if you are interested and willing to contribute.

Aerial Vehicles

This category is a place for discussions about aerial vehicles. There is a growing community of people using ROS on aerial vehicles.

Quality Assurance

A dedicated place for quality assurance discussion, where we can explain, promote, develop and discuss QA practices, techniques and tools. This is for everybody, from the quality enthusiast, who cares about quality of ROS, to a community member who has a question or feedback. Here, you can get help about QA practices and processes, discuss ROS quality and contribute to ongoing ROS QA initiatives and activities, and provide feedback on the ongoing QA work.


This is a forum for TurtleBot users to communicate.


This category is to discuss methods to bridge to, integrate, and otherwise incorporate embedded systems in the Robot Operating System ( ROS, )

robot description formats

This category is for discussing robot description formats and the surrounding tools:


This is a category to discuss the ROS buildfarm.

Maritime Robotics

This category has been setup to provide a forum for groups and individuals using ROS for robotic applications under and at the water surface. Some distinct issues associated with maritime applications include integration of maritime specific sensors (e.g., Doppler velocity logs, multibeam sonar, etc.), intermittent communication and navigation, the influence of buoyancy and hydrodynamics on mobile platforms and the influence of the underwater/near-surface environment on perception.

ARIAC users

This category is for participants in the Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC)


The Humanoids SIG will work to expand the core ROS capabilities for humanoid robot platforms. Areas of interest include motion planning and control for bipedal mobility, arm control and dexterous manipulation, and coordinated whole body movement.


This is a category for Mirror administrators.

Client Libraries

This category is for discussing topics on everything related to ROS client libraries.

Navigation Stack

This SIG is intended for discussions about the ROS navigation stack and plans for future releases of it. Please join us if you are interested and willing to contribute.