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Ubuntu installation doc needs to be updated for use with new GPG keys?

See the two comments here:

It seems that the Installation / Ubuntu / Sources page has outdated information, which has led to confusion.

As @cottsay mentioned the current instructions should be valid.

We’ve seen that some gpg implementations don’t import new keys to replace existing keys even if the existing key has expired.

But for simplicity of the deployment for users I’ve also updated the gpg key deployment to use the simpler https syntax from: ROS GPG Key Expiration Incident


It seems because the command stays the same, a docker image will remain the same if only the steps after that point have changed.

Perhaps I can slightly modify the command in the Dockerfile (f.e. add a space in the middle of the command) to force it to re-build from that point onward. I think the https command would have the same issue if the URL would stay the same.

Or you can simply force the docker build command to not use the existing build cache:

docker build --no-cache ...