About the Packaging and Release Management category

This category is a place for maintainers to communicate about ongoing release issues.

This top level forum is for discussions not specific to ROS Distributions. There are sub-categories for each rosdistro.

It is requested that all maintainers monitor this category and the specific sub-categories for rosdistros into which they are making releases.

If you’d like to request a package be released into a distro please find the appropriate sub category and read this post first.

These discussions were formerly discussed on the ros-release mailing list: http://lists.ros.org/mailman/listinfo/ros-release

Archives of the mailing list are available here: http://lists.ros.org/pipermail/ros-release/

This is part of our ongoing migration to consolidate ROS communications discussed in this topic: Potential New Categories for migrating ros-users and ros-release

During the conversion process we will setup discourse to forward content in this category to the mailing list following these procedures: ROS SIG Migration Method

There seems to be an echo, here. I’m getting e-mails for every message twice.

Should I unsubscribe from the ros-release list now?

Yes, once you’ve subscribed on discourse it’s recommended to unsubscribe from the ros-release mailing list.