Autoware.Auto Automated Valet Parking Was A Triumph!

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!

Thank you so much to the entire community and especially our Autoware Foundation members who came together to make our first demo of the Autoware.Auto autonomous driving stack a massive success! This coming Tuesday, the Autoware Software Working Group call (2020-10-06T15:00:00Z2020-10-06T17:00:00Z - see the Autoware Foundation Shared Calendar for details) will be dedicated to celebration, an oview of the demo and hack-a-thon, and a retrospective of the AVP development process. Obviously we took some pictures and video during the demo (more professional video to come soon) so take a look at some of them below. If you want all of the videos that we took throughout the development process and demo, check out this Google Drive link. We hope to see anyone and everyone who contributed to making the first demonstration of the first fully-open-source ROS2 self-driving stack a success at the ASWG! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

Live video of full drop-off-to-parking-to-pick-up loop:

rviz2 screencast of full drop-off-to-parking-to-pick-up loop:

Automated obstacle detection demonstration:


Great job everyone!


Such a fast integration on the real vehicle would also not be possible without the simulation work before:


Great job :muscle: :grinning:


Congrats :star_struck: :100:


Good job! I feel like I’ve been there before, even though I haven’t! :computer::robot::oncoming_automobile:


Excellent work, all involved. A big thanks especially to Josh, who led the work over the past 10 months or so, and Dejan and his crew for on-the-ground support.


Congratulations everyone!

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Those are some great result; If only the ROS World lightning talk video submission form was still live…

Oh, wait, I extended the deadline. :wink:


@Katherine_Scott since we are all a little hangover-ish because of this work last week and above videos could need a little love - what is the new deadline?

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6am PST Wednesday (2020-10-08T01:00:00Z). :wink:


For the non-US based board members, that would be?

Could you please use the Discourse datetime picker?

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Congratulations to all on this. Great to see the videos and in operation for AVP in a Lexus RX450h!

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An official post-AVP blog post (thanks @Dejan_Pangercic and @Sanjay_Krishnan!):


great job :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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This looks super cool. :ok_hand:

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Now we also have a more complete report and a professional video online for this project:

By the end of the project, we counted more than 1,200 source code commits from at least 50 developers and 13 companies.

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What sensors are you using in this demo? I’m curious what sensors needed to perform this maneuver.

@Daniel_Steger Please see our docs at Autonomous Valet Parking demonstration for more information (including the sensors we used during the demo).