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Autoware Reference Platform Working Group Meeting #3

Reference Platform Working Group Call #3

Wednesday 30th of October


  • Kenji Funaoka (Tier IV)
  • Steve Kan (Tier IV)
  • Stephane Strahm (Kalray)
  • Cheng Chen (Autocore)


  • Status on AutoCore board
  • Connection with Autoware.IO
  • Discussion on requirements categories
  • Status on demo 2020

Status on AutoCore board

  • Demonstration on-going ROSCon Macau with TierIV
    • 2 PCU boards with PC Simulator
      • LiDAR stack
      • Controlling
      • No accelerator
    • Software= Autoware.AI
  • Accessibility of board to be confirmed by Cheng
    • Requests by Kalray and TierIV
  • Estimated power consumption : 20-30 Watts (without accelerator)
  • Accelerator for the demo: Movidius, Google TPU, plus accelerator from Chinese companies

Connection with Autoware.IO

  • Goal: Autoware.IO activities part of Reference Platform Group
  • Yang is leading this Autoware.IO
  • Stephane to contact Yang to make it happen ( + Cheng)

Discussion on requirements categories

  • Reference Platform Group is defining the Reference Design
    • Managed by Foundation
    • Documentation
      • Interfaces
      • Functionalities
      • Integration of software
      • Basic guidelines for design
      • Performance expectations
      • Collection of requirements defining the Reference Design
    • Available through AWF
  • Reference Platform Group will refer to Reference Platforms
    • Actual implementation of Reference Design
    • Provided by companies as product Platform
    • Autocore PCU is the first Reference Platform according to Autoware Reference Design (upcoming)
  • Suggestion: rename Reference Platform Group as Reference Design Group
    • To be submitted to TSC
  • Need to initiate requirements definition process
  • Proposal
    • Collective work
      • Each member AND each participation shall contribute (Discourse)
    • Organize by categories of requirements for allow better focus
      • Sensors
        • TierIV can list sensors currently tested
      • Hardware for application
        • List of currently used
      • Hardware for acceleration
        • List of currently used
      • Drivers
      • Reference Design Configurations
        • Demo part of this
        • Performance expectations / guidance
      • Software integration
        • Autoware.AI
        • Autoware.Auto
      • Safety
        • Redundancy considerations
      • Security
        • to be defined
      • Simulation
        • Definition of environment for simulation: To be handled by the Simulation team
      • Testing
        • SIL and HIL approaches
        • Define test cases and test scenarios (leveraging system test such as dSpace or others)
    • Need policy for req management and tool: to be checked with TSC
      • Steph in touch with Geoff to initiate this