Autoware Simulation Working Group Meeting #2

Hi, I want to have second Autoware Simulation Working Group Meeting.
So, let’s a have a questionnaire about the date and time of the meeting.
I will decide and post date and time at 2019/09/26.

Considering the survery.
We will have this meeting on 10/2 AM10:00~AM11:30.

Meeting ROOM url is here

Please specify the time using the time command (click the calendar button above the post edit box). Currently no one knows what time zone you are talking about.


Hi, something wrong in zoom.
So, let’s start in

Sorry for out mistake.
I missed to type date and time.

It was 10/2 2:00 ~ 3:30 in GMT.

We are sorry, but we’ve mistaken when setting the meeting, so we’ll reschedule the meeting.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

From next time, we’ll prevent mistakes by double-checking.
Also, use time command as Geoff said.

Sorry for my mistake.
This meeting will reschedule.