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Call for interest: RobotWebTools working group?

I will close the Doodle at 2021-05-26T22:00:00Z - then use the results to schedule the first meeting within 2 weeks after that - please put your vote in!

If we don’t get the meeting time perfect, that’s OK, we can iterate from there - maybe we will need to alternate times since I think we have interest in US, Europe, and Asia - which is difficult to mutually schedule :dizzy_face:

The meeting will be recorded and posted to YouTube, and the notes will be publicly available.

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I’m convinced that there is a place for these web tools and definitely need some of them.
I won’t join the working group but I can help with testing and do occasional PRs (I’m not a web developer but it’s a good opportunity to learn).

I’m particularly interested in the ROS2 side.

It’s good initiative :slight_smile:

I am robotic student and I finish to study this year.
On side project, I am a team leader of a Robocup SSL team.

I work since few years on web, so I have a decent experience in web development.
I am interesting to join the working group and participate in the community !

Hi, I am recent undergraduate of cse. I have experience of web development at class project level. I really intend to contribute to ROS and it’s awesome opportunity. I am have been learning ROS from last Eight months. Can I will become part of RobotWeb Tools working group?

Hi, I’d be keen to join the working group too. I made a related post back in February Current state of web and mobile monitoring and teleoperation

Since then, I have used my very minimal web development experience, to create a (not yet published) node package with a set of React components for working with ROS. The repo for this is here.

My plan was to improve it a little bit, publish it to NPM, then make a post here, hoping that others would be able to add improvements. It suits my current needs (video feed, gamepad support, touchscreen gamepad) but is pretty clunky.

I haven’t got loads of time to work on it, but if I can use this to contribute somehow I would be keen!

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for all the responses and interest! Based on the Doodle I have scheduled the first meeting for 2021-06-11T14:00:00Z

You will be able to see the meeting on the ROS Events Calendar and the invite has been sent to the Google Group - there is Google Meets joining info in the calendar item. The meeting will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for anybody who cannot make it - link to be posted after the meeting.

I will make sure to have a proposal for the charter ready for us to review, and we can move forward from there.

Cheers, and see you there.


Wow, what a great first meeting! I was very happy to meet everyone, and gather all that interest into one (virtual) room.

For anyone who missed it:

We’ve decided to have a meeting cadence of 2 weeks (so, next one around June 25), but would like another opportunity to tweak the time - so here’s the new Doodle: