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Change of constant values in ur_msgs/Analog

As a notice to all users of ur_msgs (which would include Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver users and potentially custom scripts using .srv and .msg definitions from ur_msgs):

With the merge of ros-industrial/ur_msgs#8 the incorrect definition of the VOLTAGE and CURRENT domains in the Analog message were fixed (they were switched wrt the documentation).

For comparison:

If you were using the VOLTAGE and/or CURRENT constant(s) in your scripts or nodes, please be aware that the values have changed, and verify your logic is now still correct.

NOTE: Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver used the values reported by the UR controller directly, so it always reported correct values.

Only direct users of these constants (fi other drivers or custom scripts) will be affected.

huge thanks for detailed explanation. i wasn’t sure how it works