Cloud Robotics WG Meeting 2024-06-17

Last meeting, we continued to process our survey results. The meeting recording is available here: Cloud Robotics Community Group Meeting 2024-06-03 on Vimeo

Next meeting will be 2024-06-17T17:00:00Zā†’2024-06-17T18:00:00Z, where we plan to continue processing results from the State of Cloud Robotics Survey.

I will be unable to attend, so Christian Fritz has once again agreed to chair the meeting. Thank you, Christian!

The meeting link is here .

Hopefully we will see you there!

Iā€™m happy to announce that this coming week we will have a guest, who has offered to share some of his experience in cloud robotics.

Gui Manzato is a Partner and CEO at Ekumen, an engineering services company specialized in robotics. Gui and his 50+ strong team have accelerated software development at many well known robotics companies, incl. Savioke, Clearpath, and Google, helping with all layers of the robotics stack and also contributing back to ROS/open-source. Gui and I worked together at Savioke for many years and I greatly value his experience and judgement.

Please join us on Monday for the rare opportunity to learn from someone who has such a breadth of experience in this area after having worked with so many different robotics companies of all sizes.

The format will be mostly Q&A, so please bring your questions.

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