Contract developer for Rosbridge @ Foxglove

tl;dr; Foxglove is looking for a contract developer interested in improving Rosbridge for the entire ROS ecosystem.

Rosbridge facilitates building applications which talk to a ROS robot but are not part of the entire ROS graph; it is a widely used component in the ROS ecosystem. For Foxglove, Rosbridge is a popular connection option for users wanting to connect to their ROS system without the gotchas of multi-host ROS robots.

We’ve been active in the ROS WebTools working group for some time, and while we’ve been able to commit some engineer time towards Rosbridge development, it’s become clear to us and the group that more active development for the ROS1 and ROS2 versions of Rosbridge would benefit not only Foxglove but also the larger ROS community.

In the spirit of our mission to accelerate robotics development, we’d like to hire a contract developer interested in tackling enhancements to Rosbridge which we believe will benefit the entire community.

If you’re interested please DM me with a resume or descriptions of previous similar project(s) you’ve worked on, and we’ll chat.