Doing an install on Devuan (debian derivative)


It was quite amusing in fact to find a thread from back in 2019 where I asked a similar question.

Ubuntu has continued to diverge from Debian and Devuan was started due to the dissatisfaction with some members of the Debian camp with systemd. I am NOT trying to restart any old arguments!!!

Just ROS2 development seems tied quite tightly to ubuntu which because of past experiences I will no longer run. Is it going to be possible to actually run ROS2 on devuan or is even an install going to be a work of gargantuan proportions?

Suggestions/ideas? (besides forget about it - - please.)


Devuan chimaera here, I’m currently running ROS1/2 inside docker. The additional benefit is independence of a ROS version to its specific debian/ubuntu version.

I would say go ahead and try it.

I have run linux mint with ROS Noetic succesfully in the past. I think I only needed to set the ROS_OS_OVERRIDE variable to fool ROS into thinking it was ubuntu :slight_smile: .

I don’t use Devuan but do use Debian Sid. I also don’t install binary packages on Debian but build it from source. And it builds (almost) fine, rolling, iron, and humble.

All I know about Devuan is that it uses non-systemd PID 1. Does any part of ROS 2 require systemd? How hard is it to write an init file, if needed, for your PID1?

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