How do you validate your package.xmls in ROS2?

In ROS1, catkin_lint is a tool that helps parse through your cmakelists and package.xml for common errors. I particularily found it very useful to find missing or mis-classified dependencies in my package.xml files. Does anyone know of any tool that provides similar functionality for ros2?


Roughly a year ago I asked the same thing from the maintainers of ament lint but it wasn’t part of the plan at that time. I think it’d be very useful and pretty much the full functionality could be achieved with an ament version.

It would be great to have one :slight_smile:

There’s a package ament_xmllint which was created for that purpose. It looks like the basic functionality is there and it will need to use the package.xml schema to validate the xml appropriately.

If someone would like to extend this I’m sure that would be appreciated by the maintainers.

I do use xmllint, but that’s just validating the xml file follows the schema. Catkin lint was able to do things like check for missing depends in the package xml, which requires a lot more information than just the schema.

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