Interest in OpenEmbedded?

Hello all,

Most efforts surrounding meta-ros are unfortunately still a bit disorganized, mostly because there’re very few of us contributing and even less willing to maintain things. I personally have very few cycles to dedicate to this and those I put down are generally funded by partners who are ok with disclosing part of our work. The branches above for kirkstone and mickledore are worth merging upstream. I wasn’t aware of them. @RethinkMatze would you like to submit a PR and ping me? I’d be happy to review and merge them there.

For those interested in latest cutting edge progress in meta-ros, there’s a branch for Yocto langdale that I’ve been meaning to push upstream at GitHub - vmayoral/meta-ros at langdale.

Actually, most people using ROS in production environments don’t. There’re many benefits you can get by moving beyond developer/development-oriented rootfs (or OS, if you prefer it that way). See ROS 2 Humble in AMD KR260 with Yocto for some additional technical arguments.