Meta-ros BoF at ROSCon

At ROSCon2022 today, my colleague Andrei (@razr) will be hosting a BoF about meta-ros. We are looking for the community’s feedback on how we can best support maintaining meta-ros going forward.

I have been working on getting ROS2 Humble working with Yocto’s Kirkstone release. A preview of the work is available here for feedback: robwoolley/meta-ros at superflore/humble/2022-09-30 (

Here are some simple instructions for building the core ROS2 packages for qemux86-64. I am close to having ros-image-world building as well.

# Create a new project directory
mkdir ros2-humble-kirkstone
cd ros2-humble-kirkstone
# Clone from meta-ros fork
git clone -b build --single-branch build

# Create ros2-humble-kirkstone environment from MCF file
mkdir conf
ln -snf ../conf build/.
cp build/files/ros2-humble-kirkstone.mcf conf/. 
build/scripts/mcf -f conf/ros2-humble-kirkstone.mcf

# Source the build environment
source openembedded-core/oe-init-build-env

# Build ros-image-core 
bitbake ros-image-core

We would like to incorporate updates for all actively supported ROS2 distros and Yocto Project releases. Our plan is to have a follow up Zoom call for everyone interested in contributing or using the layer. Please DM me, email me, or post to this thread if you are interested in attending.

The call would likely be in a week or 2 after everyone has returned home safely from ROSCon.

Feedback warmly welcomed,

Hi Rob, I would certainly be interested in which directions meta-ros has developed. Please invite me, although I would be largely listening.

Thanks, Lukas


I was not able to attend, but since we are using meta-ros (I have done myself a humble (honister) pull request) and need to have it for the future, I am interested if the community is able to pick up support for this. I have contacted @Katherine_Scott but have not got any reply since.

Would be great when we can get meta-ros up to date.


I don’t see any e-mails from your listed address. Please DM me and we will sort it out.