Looking for suggestions to improve user experience with our support forum(s)

Hi everybody,

I recently came across an article shared on LinkedIn mentioning the potential migration of forums on ros.org into a commercial organization: StackExchange and one of the reasoning behind such a consideration was the improved user experience that such platforms have heavily invested in over the past decade.

I wanted to look for suggestions from everyone - especially those who have utilized our forums and others for providing useful, actionable comparisons - for feedback that could lead us to a list of developmental efforts that can dissuade older and newer users from moving to a different server.

To whatever extent possible, I’m happy to volunteer to collect your feedback and summarize features that come out of it, for all to vote on with the hope of improving the user experience in forums currently hosted on answers.ros.org and/or https://answers.gazebosim.org/questions/ in general over the next year, with all of your support.

I encourage everyone to voice your opinions and ideas that you think would make our forums easier to use, navigate and make more informative for those seeking answers.

If every new comment can be a fresh idea/opinion/feedback, we can all vote easily and the ones to receive more “likes” automatically become the priority list.


Referenced article

New feature request

Adding a new group of questions on landing page answers.ros.org “New Questions” or “Answers needed”- that encourages current users with experience to contribute.