Multiple positions at Open Robotics

tl;dr: We’re hiring, in California, Singapore, and elsewhere. Join us!

At Open Robotics, we work with the private sector, academia, and government to create and support the open software and hardware that drive the robotics industry. We develop and maintain the cores of the ROS, Gazebo, and Open-RMF. Powered by the support of a global community, these platforms are relied upon by millions of users and developers working with every type of robot imaginable.

The unifying theme of our team and our work is openness. We use and we build open systems, and we foster an open source community that is at the heart of our projects.

We are seeking motivated, friendly, collaborative individuals to join our team. Direct experience with robotics is a plus, but not a requirement. All positions are preferred to be full-time. Unless otherwise noted, all positions can be filled on-site at at one of our offices (Mountain View, California or Singapore), but are also open for remote employment arrangements elsewhere.

Our current openings include:

  • DevOps Engineer: Linux/Cloud
  • Software Engineer: Robotics
  • Software Web Engineer: Front End Developer