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New Packages for ROS 2 Crystal 2019-07-11

I’m happy to announce new and updated packages for ROS 2 Crystal. Thanks as ever to the maintainers and contributors who helped make this release possible.

Package Updates for Crystal

Note that package counts include dbgsym packages which have been filtered out from the list below

Added Packages [20]:

Updated Packages [42]:

Removed Packages [0]:

Thanks to all ROS maintainers who make packages available to the ROS community. The above list of packages was made possible by the work of the following maintainers:

  • Arne Nordmann
  • AutonomouStuff Software Development Team
  • Borja Outerelo
  • Bruno Demartino
  • Chris Lalancette
  • Dan Rose
  • Daniel Stonier
  • David V. Lu!!
  • Dirk Thomas
  • Dorian Scholz
  • Ed Venator
  • Jose-Luis Blanco-Claraco
  • Karsten Knese
  • Ralph Lange