New ROS online courses: Mastering Web Development

Dear ROS developers, we just released a new ROS course - Mastering Web Development

Here are the course description and link:

New course: Mastering Web Development

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Learn how to create web applications for your robots, you’ll learn:

  • ROSBridge: Use the ROSBridge to connect your web pages to ROS
  • HTML5: Learn to build web pages containing the necessary elements to display your desired information. From simple titles and paragraphs to complex table data and forms to collect user’s input and process that information
  • CSS3: Learn to style your web pages to make them look great
  • JavaScript: Learn basic instructions, types, arrays, and objects starting from programming logic.
  • ReactJS: Learn to create scalable web applications by providing an organized folder structure and compiler for your web components

You will learn this course by practicing with a simulated ** TurtleBot3 **

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