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[poll] Interest in ros2 launch action to support for-loops (e.g. IncludeNLaunchDescriptions())?

Would there be interest in a launch Action that could support for loop like functionality?

I was working with a simulated swarm of robots a while back where I wanted to be able to change the number of robots being spawned from the commandline (e.g. by setting n_robots:=10). There are a few workarounds, for my particular use case (see the discussion here [ros2/launch#499]), with the cleanest probably being the use of OpaqueFunction as suggested by @wjwwood. But there is certainly room for improvement, in terms of readability of code, and such a feature could potentially merit its own action (e.g.:

class IncludeNLaunchDescription(Action):
    def __init__(self, ..., n_launch_arguments):
        # ...


I am curious if there are any others that would get any use out of loop-style launch actions, to better justify whether its worth adding loop support.