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Pre-announcement: a new home for meta-ros under ROS organization

Hi Everybody,

At a suggestion by the owner @bulwahn , we’re pre-announcing the intent to move meta-ros from bmwcarit/meta-ros to the ROS organization under ros/meta-ros.

It’ll be maintained based on recipes generated automatically by SuperFlore with manually created metadata as specified here.

Thank you to all that contributed to reaching this milestone!



Dear all,

I started developing and maintaining the OpenEmbedded layer, meta-ros, back in January 2013 [1, 2]. Thanks to the help of various users and co-maintainers, we could provide a solid OpenEmbedded layer over years and slowly increase features and package support in the layer.

Unfortunately, I could never establish the wider use of meta-ros within the company that supported by me for this work (maybe this will happen in the future, though?), but the maintenance of this layer was always considered worthwhile to be continued based on the fact that it could be done as a small side project work to my daily business activities that I am taking care of. Furthermore, various users stepped up to join maintaining the layer, making the maintenance much more fun than doing it alone and I would like to thank all of those maintainers for their work.

A year ago, I started creating a branch of the kinetic release and published some early versions of that on my personal branch. However, as it happened, I could not yet finish that branch to meet my personal quality expectations to be considered mergable into the main repository.

Then around ten months ago, I also started various other small side projects and my attention turned a bit away from meta-ros.

At last. at some point in the past, the CI setup that a maintainer had setup was torn down and my build setup for the meta-ros layer broke and in my side project here, I really did not find the time of consecutive days to get that back up running again, which finally rendered me incapable of even testing pull requests.

However, many users have been using and continuing developing meta-ros in various different directions. To consolidate all this work from those users in one common place backed up with a good maintenance and quality assurance, I suggested to move the repository currently in the bmwcarit organisation to the ros organisation.

I hope that the user base around the OpenEmbedded ROS layer is strong enough for new maintainers meta-ros to step up and to continue to maintain the repositories to fit the users’ expectation.

Given the current circumstances, I must admit that I need to retire my maintainership on meta-ros, which I simply could do well in the last few months anyway. I hope a group of developers find a good setup to continue the maintenance in the future.

If I do get back to find some time, I will certainly contribute to meta-ros with what I can offer on coordination, review, discussion and technical work, e.g., hopefully getting the kinetic branch into a good fully working state and merge it into the main development branches.

Beyond meta-ros, my other work around Enabling Linux in Safety-critical Applications (Project ELISA, might eventually also happen to impact the ROS community and I certainly happy to continue to contribute to the ROS community when these chances arise.


Thank you to all of you for your interest and support around meta-ros. We would not been at this point with the current development and activities (including generation with superflore) if you would not have contributed with what you did.

I hope that the future development will continue to provide good OpenEmbedded support for ROS to all users out there.

Best regards,



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