Preparing for Noetic Sync 2023-02-23 (actual 2023-03-02)

Hello Noetic maintainers!

Starting now, I will be holding new Noetic ros/rosdistro release PRs with a plan to sync ROS Noetic packages to the main apt repo on 2023-02-23. Please comment here if there are any issues I should know about before performing the sync.

There are currently 130 packages waiting to sync and 1 regressions.

This sync is delayed.

There’s a regression of desktop_full on Debian Buster. It just so happens that Debian Buster has past it’s EOL date. I’ll look into disabling Buster rather than looking to fix the regression, or worse, sync the regression. If it looks like it will take more than a few days then I’ll cancel the sync hold.

This sync is still delayed. The sync hold needs to stay in place to make sure the final Buster snapshot goes smoothly.

@clalancette @ahcorde FYI please continue holding Noetic ros/rosdistro PRs.

The sync is out :tada:, but ros/rosdistro PRs are still being held in preparation for a final snapshot for Debian Buster.

Noetic ros/distro PRs are no longer being held. Now is a great time to release packages for the next sync :tada: