Preparing for Rolling sync 2022-03-24

Rolling is very active right now with the recent transition to new platforms so we can expect more frequent syncs for the next couple of weeks and from there things may settle down or continue at this pace right into the Humble release window.

The next sync is planned for 2022-03-03T08:00:00Z. After today we’ll begin holding rosdistro PRs for Rolling releases unless they resolve a regression or other issue linked in this thread.

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Ubuntu Jammy is transitioning to python3.10 and this is affecting pyside2 which is in turn blocking qt_gui_cpp and thus desktop. As a result we’ll have to delay this sync until we can build against pyside2 again.

Since the sync is delayed we’ll remove the sync hold. I don’t have an estimate for when the sync will proceed, when I do I’ll post here.

Funny enough, the official ros rolling jammy docker images were delayed for a while as well due to numerous python updates. Every official python images tag happened to trigger a rebuild all at once, and the ros repo unfortunately got stuck behind them in the upstream CI/CD build queue, preoccupying every available Jenkins worker for the entire day, haha.

Btw, happy cake day @nuclearsandwich ! :cake:


:heart: five years has flown by!


Have the BuildFarm RDev_*_ubuntu_jammy_amd64 build failures been raised?
It seems this error message exists for many core ros2 package jobs too.

Why would

be failing if this is a problem with pyside2?

You are right that those packages would not be affected by the pyside2 problem. In general, Ubuntu 22.04 seems to be going through a very late change from Python 3.9 → Python 3.10 , and that is still in progress. Once that is generally complete (you can see the current status at Transition: Drop Python3.9 compiled extensions), we’ll probably do a rebuild of our entire stack. If the problem still persists at that point, we’ll have to debug it on the ROS 2 side.


@nuclearsandwich @clalancette I guess the ros2 testing repository is updated. Could you update the sync date?

I’ve been holding off on updating the sync date until there’s a target in mind. In order to complete the transition some low level patches which have the python version embedded need to be updated.

I’m still working on getting that done this evening. Once desktop is built in testing we’ll select a sync date and start holding Rolling releases.

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These three releases should kick off the python3.10 rebuild on the Rolling farm ament_cmake: 1.3.0-3 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by nuclearsandwich · Pull Request #32500 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub ament_package: 0.14.0-3 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by nuclearsandwich · Pull Request #32501 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub ros_workspace: 1.0.2-4 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by nuclearsandwich · Pull Request #32502 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub


FYI, for those migrating to Jammy still using classic Gazebo, @jrivero has been working behind the scenes to update it’s upstream debians:

While still I’d encourage others to migrate to Ignition Gazebo, this should help with providing project maintainers a smoother runway to do so.

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Alright, the rebuild is starting to cool and the active builds are all related to subsequent package releases.
We’ll start holding releases tomorrow morning and sync on 2022-03-24T07:00:00Z.

Thanks everyone for the patience during this challenging sync window!

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The sync is out!