Preparing for final Rolling sync on Ubuntu Focal 2022-01-25

Rolling is currently undergoing a full rebuild. Once the distribution settles down from that rebuild we’ll start holding new releases until after the transition to Jammy.

Since we’re rebuilding I do not currently have a list of regressions in Rolling but I’ll update here once I do. As usual, if you make a release that resolves a current regression in Rolling please cross-reference the ros/rosdistro release PR here along with any issues or bug tracker links referencing the regression.

This sync is being delayed in order to resolve build failures in RHEL 8 blocking the release of the desktop package. Updates to ros2cli and rviz for fixes related to Ubuntu Jammy will also be merged before the sync.

The new expected sync date is 2022-01-27T08:00:00Z or 2022-01-28T08:00:00Z

rclc: 3.0.6-1 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by JanStaschulat · Pull Request #31917 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub will be merged to address documented regressions (rclc_examples 3.0.5 failing to build on ROS 2 build farm · Issue #235 · ros2/rclc · GitHub)