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Request for new rosdotnet category


I’d like to request a new rosdotnet category. Would it make sense to have rosjava and rosdotnet (and any other 3rd party languages) as subcategories of a “ROS 3rd party languages” category?


+1 for language specific categories. If we create a super category for them, I’d recommend “ROS Client Libraries” as the name, and create a section for roscpp and rospy as well. Another point of pedantry, maybe it should just be ROS with X, where X is c++, python, java, dotnet, etc. That way if there are multiple implementations they could both share the subcategory or if there is not one yet it can be a starting place for a new client library, who’s name may not be decided yet.

We already have the rosjava category that would make sense to collapse into this hierarchy.

In general we want to make sure there’s interest of a group before we make a new category. As we were setting this up we got feedback to not make too many categories. Does anyone have a suggestion how we might make this happen. The one I can come up with is that we’d want at least a couple of people who would commit to participating in topics in the new category. Maybe starting with a thread on the topic.

I think this topic makes sense but I want to work toward a process for adding categories. We’ve only done this once really with the Projects category here’s the discussion other than existing SIG migrations. And I’ve only migrated the most active SIGs.

Yeah, I see the risk of having too many subcategories and compartmentalizing the community too much. But I think a “ROS Client Libraries” supercategory would make sense, and if a particular client library ends up generating a lot of traffic, a specific subcategory can be created.

Lennart and I are discussing approaches to a ROS2 .NET library in, and I think Discourse would be a better place, if not just for reaching a wider audience.

I like the idea @esteve suggested: have people post in “ROS Client Libraries” until the traffic justifies a new sub-category.

Ok, I’ve created the category Client Libraries lets use that.

Shall we move rosjava as a subcategory of that now?

Does anyone have a suggestion of an intro blurb for the category?

I think moving the rosjava category there makes sense.

As for the blurb, here’s one based on the one for rosjava:

This category is for discussing topics on everything related to ROS client libraries.

Use this category for announcements, discussions, planning, organizing meetings and sharing design ideas and projects related to libraries used for writing ROS applications such as roscpp and rospy.

Questions on specific usage or problems should go to ros answers

BTW, thanks @tfoote for creating the category :slight_smile: